The parish of the elderly

Don’t be concerned about providing adequate care for your parents and family at home. Call a doctor or subscribe to the elderly care package to ensure medical and health care for adults around you. Available around the clock professionally and conveniently.

The most common questions for the elderly care service


Do you provide care services for adults without health ailments?

Currently no, the DOC team works to provide a care service for the elderly with service needs to help them do their daily tasks such as bathing, eating clothes and so on.

Do you provide care services for the bed-ridden elderly?

Yes, we provide a complete package for bed-ridden patients, because they need more than one type of medical staff to provide adequate care.

Is it possible to provide highly specialized medical devices for elderly patients?

Yes, we also provide through the service, and according to need, various types of devices, from oxygen generators to respirators.

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