Medical care for newborns and mothers

This service provides distinguished care represented in the care of maternal wounds with the mother and the newborn, and their care in the postpartum period. There is a separate service for vaccination and male circumcision, if necessary.

The most common questions for the newborn and maternal care service


Is there a package to follow up on pregnancy and prenatal period?

Yes, the obstetric package is available on our applications and over the phone. It includes periodic follow-ups with laboratory tests and sound waves by a gynecologist and obstetrician. To follow up the mother and the fetus in the vicinity of their safe house.

Is there a home birth?

It does not exist at the present time but the service team is studying the possibility of adding the service in a sound and professional manner as possible.

What about pregnant women? Do they have services?

Yes, download the application to enjoy the full services of the platform. The app is available free of charge at app stores.

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