Your own nurse and family in your mobile phone around the clock. If a need for care appears after discharge from the hospital, or to give an injection medication or a need to measure vital functions, just ask for nursing to receive your care in the comfort of your home and any time you need it.

The most common questions for the nursing service?


Can a nurse be asked to provide a service for more than 12 and 24 hours?

Yes, the service is called long-term nursing, and the nurse’s request exceeds 6 hours. You must provide a suitable place for the nurse to stay and leave the rest to us.

Where does the nursing staff get rid of medical waste?

We have a system for collecting waste to be collected at the end of the course in one large site, and then some of the agencies responsible for medical waste collect the medical staff’s waste and dispose of it properly.

Is the nursing staff qualified?

Yes, the medical staff goes through a process of registration and appointment in which all papers and official registration of the staff are checked

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