Information bank

The brain fatigue associated with making an important decision that is not really thought out is annoying. Therefore, browse in the data bank, which is very rich in various information about the Sudanese health sector, from the locations of the various hospitals numbers to general information and the most important medical and health advice.

The most common questions in the information bank


How to request an ambulance?

The application deals with cold cases only, but we assist and direct critical cases so that the patient’s family can act quickly and properly. There is an ambulance button in the upper right corner of the application interface linking you to the central ambulance.

Are there psychological counseling?

Currently there is no, but the service is expanded day by day. We hope or will the home psychological counseling team join us soon.

Is there information about the medical services available in Sudan as a whole?

We are working on creating a database so that the citizen can know the available services in hospitals and centers.

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