Home consulting visits

There is no need to wait to see a doctor anymore, with the Doctor On Cole platform waiting for you doctor. In the event of a need for medical advice, ask the doctor to reach you on your site. And it provides you with consultations of high standards, in a suitable and professional manner. And most importantly in the comfort of your homes full.

The most common questions for consulting visits


How often will a doctor visit me when I order him / her?

If it is a follow-up package or chronic diseases, the doctor will set an appropriate schedule for visits, according to need. If the application is individual, he will visit only one.

Are visits supervised by a specialist or consultant?

Yes, all services, including visits and consultations, are supervised by a medical committee composed of consultants and specialists.

Are medical personnel registered and have practical experience?

Yes, all cadres are registered with the relevant professional councils and have excellent professional experience.

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