Follow up on chronic diseases

Do you suffer when your monthly follow-up dates come? Who can book a doctor, movement and checks? Explore a chronic disease monitoring package to ensure a smooth and effective experience in following up on your chronic disease. When creating more than one account, you can add your parents and everyone you love to enter this umbrella.

The most common questions for the chronic disease follow-up service


Does it include diabetes and high blood pressure only?

No, there are even follow-up services to most chronic diseases. Download the application to know the diseases covered by the service.

Do you have all the tests?

Our analytical body has a huge range of tests. The necessary tests include all chronic diseases.

Can visits be scheduled?

Yes, you can do that. Upon the visit, the doctor agrees with the patient on a specific visit schedule. Then the schedule is sent down in a calendar to alert the patient before a specific period of the visit to order the doctor and prepare the tests.

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